Tuesday, July 21, 2015

New Blog Series! Dr. Brandon Larkin Shares His Marathon Training Experiences!

As a sports medicine specialist, I care for athletes of all shapes and sizes and activity levels.  Some patients don't consider themselves "athletes," but in reality, if you're active, you're an athlete.  Some of my favorite folks to talk with are distance runners.  They have interesting personalities a lot of the time, and they never shy away from talking about their running with you.  (Just ask one about his last long run, and you're likely to get a blow by blow account of every hill, turn, and bathroom stop along the way!)  As much as I joke about the "runner mental pathology," I'm a runner too.  And I'm as guilty of boring my friends and family with the mundane details of my running life as the next guy!

So, as Fall Marathon training season begins, I'll be sharing the successes and heartbreaks (hopefully not too many of the latter) of my preparation for my third marathon.  I promise not to share too many stories about the restrooms (or lack thereof) along the way.  Though there are some pretty funny/frightening ones about that.  Feel free to comment with your interesting stories, as well.  We're all one big happy community, and if an aspiring athlete gets inspired to get going on their way to better fitness, it'll be well worth it!

Dr. Larkin, far right. 

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