Wednesday, June 3, 2015

#WCW What's Cookin' Wednesday; Make Food Swaps for a Healthier YOU this Summer!

What's Cookin' Wednesday is all about healthy choices! Not sacrifice.... for eating healthier this summer! 

People ask me all the time,  “what small changes can I start making to get on a path to being healthier?” We all know losing weight and making your health a priority doesn’t just happen overnight. Most people need to make a series of small changes, like cutting back from 5 soda’s a day to only 2, before they make a BIG change like never having (or even wanting)  soda again! 

Think of it like rehab for your taste buds! Reduce the sugar and salt from all that processed, packaged food and you’ll start to remember just how good REAL FOOD tastes!! 

It’s called FOOD SWAPING. Instead of having  your daily Frappuccino, swap it for a good ol’ fashioned cup of coffee (just don’t add a gallon of fake flavored creamer and 2 yellow packets of fake manufactured sugar substitute!!) Try these food swap ideas and start taking those steps to making your health the first thing on your To-Do List!

·         a bowl of cereal for ¼ cup walnuts and a ¼ cup of fresh berries
·         sugar for cinnamon
·         store bought creamy salad dressing for olive oil 
·         mayonnaise for avocado
·         salt for spices like chili powder, basil, turmeric, tarragon- the list is endless!
·         strawberry ice cream for a cup of fresh strawberries with a small dollop of real whipped cream
·         6 inch sub sandwich for sliced turkey breast and crunchy raw bell peppers-make a roll-up!
·         half a bag of potato chips for carrot and celery sticks with almond butter
·         sugary drinks for water with a slice of lemon and fresh mint
·         breaded and fried for fresh and baked
·         6 Oreo cookies for 2 ounces of real 70% dark chocolate(without added hydrogenated oils!)
See, just making little changes like this doesn’t mean you have to feel deprived-you can learn to love REAL food again and know how good it feels to give your body the nutrients it needs and craves!

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