Wednesday, February 18, 2015

What's Cooking Wednesday: Hearth Healthy Panko-Crusted Salmon

What's Cooking Wednesday's (#WCW) is a new weekly feature, brought to our social media community by Delia Rice, Wellness and OWN Coach at ABJ. She'll be sharing healthy recipes that are easy to make.... and your family will love! 

Heart Healthy Panko-Crusted Salmon   

I made this for my family for our Valentines meal! I bought frozen, individually wrapped, wild caught salmon filets. I thawed all 8 in my fridge overnight.

Get 1 cup of Panko (Japanese dried bread crumbs- you can find at almost any grocery store these days, I buy the gluten free kind)

In a small bowl, mix Panko, 2 tablespoons parsley, 2 tsp grated lemon zest, 1 tsp sea salt and black pepper to taste. Drizzle with 2 tbsp of olive oil and stir til the crumbs are evenly coated.

Get your filets out and set skin side down in your baking dish. Brush all filets with Dijon mustard, I used abt 2.5 tbsp total. Then pick up each filet, hold in the palm of your hand(I wear gloves when handling any raw meat) and press your bread crumb mixture onto the top of each filet. 

Put filets in a 425 degree oven for approx 13 min, but no more than 15- you don't want to dry out that delicious salmon!
I served mine with roasted brussels sprouts and cubed butternut squash, mmmm!


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