Sunday, February 15, 2015

Planning your family's meals for the week? Delia's got an easy, yummy tip to help you get your veggies... at breakfast!

A note from Delia, OWN Coach;

Looking for ways to eat more veggies?  Your body would like to have 3-5 servings a day…think of a serving as the size of your fist. Let’s start with breakfast-Now, unless the place with the Golden Arches has started incorporating spinach into their classic Egg Mcyouknowwhat….most of us probably aren’t getting any vegetables at breakfast! That means you have to make up for those veggies with your snacks, lunch and dinner! Unless you are snacking on carrot sticks and lettuce all day, that leaves just lunch and dinner to get those servings! My family starts bright and early with our veggies….

“Get up 10 minutes early Egg Scramble”: …put a dab of olive oil into a skillet/when the pan has warmed up, throw 2 fist full’s of frozen kale or spinach into your skillet and cook for about a minute/crack your eggs(I use 6 whole eggs and about ½ cup egg whites for my family of 5), whisk together and pour into the pan. Add seasonings of your choice-garlic, turmeric, onion, a dash of salt and pepper and there ya go…a delicious, nutrient rich, protein packed breakfast for you and your family!  I set out 5 to- go containers before I go to bed at night and then fill them with the kale scramble so we can all grab as we head out the door!


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