Wednesday, December 24, 2014

OWN - Optimal Weight & Nutrition

Some individuals will reach a point in their life when they decide “enough is enough.”  Many events may lead a person to this decision. 

Perhaps you cannot:
    - Pick up or play with your child or grandchild
    - Take a walk with your spouse
    - Go shopping with your daughter
    - Play golf with a friend

If you are unable to LIVE YOUR LIFE in these or other situations, perhaps it’s time to look into Advanced Bone & Joint’s OWN program for Optimal Weight and Nutrition. Whether your goal is a minor or major adjustment in your mobility and lifestyle, we are here to assist you.

Weight and BMI (body mass index) are significant proven factors in the overall success in most joint surgeries.  Instead of advising you to “lose weight” and return for your joint replacement at a later date, Advanced Bone & Joint is willing to participate in assisting you to not only lose unnecessary weight, but to maintain a healthy weight for many years to come.  Studies prove that maintaining a healthy weight contributes to individuals’ overall joint health.  Your Advanced Bone & Joint
physician may advise you to consider this program before performing surgery.
This program will consist of lifestyle changes mixed with appropriate activity levels necessary to maintain general and joint health.  Our coach will assist you in reaching your goal(s).  She will educate you on proper diet, food selections/combinations, ingredients, and exercise, so that you can LIVE YOUR LIFE to the fullest.


A Pep Talk from your OWN personal Coach

Are you tired of feeling sluggish all the time?  Are you fed up with feeling
uncomfortable in your clothes?  Are you afraid to find out what your blood pressure
or cholesterol numbers are?  If you are READY to make real changes in your life, I
encourage you to consider our OWN program!

Unlike other programs out there, Advanced Bone & Joint’s OWN program provides:

 - Weekly coaching, encouragement and accountability
 - Connection with your primary care physician
 - Protein rich foods
 - Reading resources
 - Mobility assessment
 - Exercise guidance
 - Education about food, labels, and ingredients
 - Recipes and cooking methods
 - Instruction on how to maintain your weight for years to come

Through our team approach, I will help you in your relationship with food. Think about all the relationships we have in our lives. The one we have with food is as equally important as the one we have with our parents, spouse, or children!

Food is our fuel, and is something we must have every day.  I want to help you make healthy choices and also help change your mindset so that those healthy choices FEEL right, without making you feel deprived!

We all fear failure.  Trying yet another “diet” and losing weight, but then failing when we gain it all back and then some is discouraging!  Let’s redirect that fear and together discover your individual struggles.  We are all unique and have our own unique relationship with food.  I want to help you OWN your health and be proud of the new and improved version of you!  This program is not a diet…it’s the beginning of the rest of your life.

I look forward to helping you succeed in your quest to LIVE YOUR LIFE!                                          


For more information on the Optimal Weight and Nutrition program, please call us at
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