Friday, August 1, 2014

What Is Female Athlete Triad?

What is female athlete triad?
There are times when a female athlete may focus on being thin or lightweight. As a result she may eat too little and exercise too much. This can be detrimental to athletic performance and may lead to long - term damage or even death.

When female athlete goes to extremes with diet and exercise, three interrelated illnesses may develop:
  • Menstrual dysfunction
    •  Poor nutrition, low calorie intake, high-energy demands, physical and emotional stress, or low percentage of body fat can lead to hormonal changes that stop menstrual periods.
  • Disordered eating
    • Abnormal eating habits and excessive exercise keeps the body from getting enough nutrition.
  • Premature osteoperosis
    • Lack of menstrual cycles disrupts the body's bone-building processes and weakens the skeleton, making bones more likely to break.
What populations are at risk?
 Female athletes in any sport may develop a component of the triad. It is important to recognize that the development of poor self - image and pathogenic weight control behaviors can contribute to the onset of female athlete triad.

How is female athlete triad diagnosed?
In order to effectively diagnose female athlete triad, the signs must be recognized. You should consult your physician if you have missed several menstrual cycles, experienced a stress fracture, or believe you may have disordered eating behaviors.  You doctor will provide you with a complete physical examination and may use laboratory tests to check for other medical conditions.

How is female athlete triad treated?
Treatment for female athlete triad often requires help from a team of medical professionals including your doctor (pediatrician, gynecologist, family physician), your athletic trainer, a nutritionist, and a psychological counselor.

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