Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Broken Bones: Is It A Fracture, Break Or Crack?

Is it a fractured, broken or cracked bone?

Answer: It's a trick question!

Fractures, breaks and cracks are all basically the same thing - an interruption in the structure of the bone.  Fractured/broken/cracked all mean that the integrity of the bone is no longer in tact.  A fracture (or bone fracture) is a medical condition in which the continuity of the bone is broken. A break is typically a term used by non-medical professionals to refer to a fracture. A crack is also known as a fracture. One term does not imply a more serious injury over the other.

There are many ways in which a bone can fracture and the fracture can be partial, complete, displaced or non-displaced. The type of fracture depends upon quite a variety of factors, including the cause. A fracture can occur in any bone in the body.

Timing is the key to the care of fractured bones. If you feel you may have fractured a bone, it is important that you contact your orthopedic physician.  You can also come to Advanced Bone & Joint's Quick Care Center - there's no need to call or wait. You can just come in and we will take care of you as quickly as possible. Our Quick Care Center focuses on treating acute injuries such as fractures, sprains and strains without the high cost of an emergency room visit.

There is a fine line between blogging and giving medical advice. The content of this blog is for informational purposes only and should not be construed as medical advice.  Nothing contained in this blog is intended to replace the medical advice of a trained, licensed physician.
In all matters relating to your health, you are urged to consult a physician. You can contact Advanced Bone & Joint to set up a formal consultation appointment with Dr. W. Anthony Frisella, Dr. Dane Glueck, Dr. Brandon Larkin, Dr. Anthony Lombardo, Dr. John McAllister, II, Dr. Brian Meek, Dr. Paul Spezia, Jennifer Eickhoff, FNP-BC, or Matt Pliske, PA-C.

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  1. That was great learning...My brother is under treatment with one of the Orthopedic Surgeon in Beverly Hills... He had a leg fracture while playing football... he is doing well now... but am gathering more and more information for his safety.. thanks