Friday, April 18, 2014

New Documentary Follows St. Charles Runner / ABJ Patient Through His Journey From The 2013 Boston Marathon Bombing To The 2014 Race

Karen and Howard Mayes of St. Charles, Missouri

5 Runners is a documentary that profiles the personal journeys of five runners who were nearing the finish line of the 2013 Boston Marathon when the first bomb exploded. This documentary follows up with each runner on their missions to return to Boston and race the 2014 marathon on April 21st.  A follow-up to this documentary will be filmed this summer.

Howard Mayes, from St. Charles Missouri, was touching the finish line when the first bomb exploded - only twenty yards away.  Fortunately, Howard was not physically hurt and neither was his wife, Karen, who was waiting for him near the finish line.

Howard visited with Advanced Bone & Joint's Sports Medicine Specialist,  Dr. Larkin, on March 3rd, 2014 to discuss any physical issues that would make it impossible for Howard to run in the 2014 Marathon. (See Howard's visit with Dr. Larkin: 18:29).

Unfortunately, Howard Mayes is unable to run the 2014 Boston Marathon due to physical setbacks related to his foot and knee. So this year, the roles of distance runner and spectator will be reversed. Howard's wife, Karen Mayes, the Director of Nursing Education at St. Louis Community College, will participate in the 118th running of the Marathon after receiving an invitational entry from the Boston Athletic Association to take Howard's place.

We will keep up with Karen as she completes the Boston Marathon this Monday. The race will be broadcast nationally on Universal Sports, and online at

Photo of Mary, Howard, Demi, Volker & Brian just before the first bomb detonated.

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