Monday, March 31, 2014

Eickhoff's Extras: New In the News

A new study demonstrated that young athletes who are highly specialized in one sport and undergo intense training are at significantly higher risk of severe injury.  It is thought that a developmentally immature body cannot handle the physical stress of specialized, intense training. 

Some of the study findings included:
  • “Young athletes were more likely to be injured if they spent more than twice as much time playing organized sports as they spent in unorganized free play – for example, playing 11 hours of organized soccer each week, and only 5 hours of free play such as pickup games.
  • Athletes who suffered serious injuries spent an average of 21 hours per week in total physical activity (organized sports, gym and unorganized free play), including 13 hours in organized sports. By comparison, athletes who were not injured participated in less activity – 17.6 hours per week in total physical activity, including only 9.4 hours in organized sports.”
The author of the research offers the following tips to reduce the risk of injuries in young adults:

-“Do not spend more hours per week than your age playing sports. (Younger children are developmentally immature and may be less able to tolerate physical stress.)
-Do not spend more than twice as much time playing organized sports as you spend in gym and unorganized play.
-Do not specialize in one sport before late adolescence.
-Do not play sports competitively year-round. Take a break from competition for one to three months each year (not necessarily consecutively).
 -Take at least one day off per week from training in sports.”

Jennifer Eickhoff, FNP-BC, MSN, ATC, LAT

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