Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Wellness Wednesday / "Delia's Dose"

Happy 2014!! If anyone out there actually reads these blogs of mine…you may have noticed I haven’t done one since mid Oct. 2013.  I have several good reasons as to why...but the most exciting reason was that I was very busy getting engaged!! And I know you are dying to know…but, yes, he eats healthy and promises in the wedding vows to say, “I promise to never eat high fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated oils, or aspartame again”…so I said YES!” Ha!

So, besides a wedding to plan…I, like you, have made some New Year’s Resolutions(one is to blog more!). Every year I do this, and, perhaps like you, by mid February, I don’t even remember what it is I resolved to do!! Why do we do that?? What makes us not stick to our resolutions?

Here’s what several psychologist say:

  • *We tend to set unrealistic goals:  Don’t say “I’m gonna lose 75 lbs in 3 months!” Then be upset when March comes around and you’ve only lost 10 . Be honest with yourself and set a goal that is ACTUALLY achievable in a realistic time frame. We  are more likely to succeed at a smaller resolution and be proud of ourselves.  This will actually motivate us to keep the resolution going! 
  • *You have to have a plan: You can’t just say, “I want to stay in better touch with my friends that live out of state.”  Instead say, “I am going to call (yeah, actually call, not text, Facebook, or email..)my friend in New York every 4th Thursday of the month and my friend in California every 2nd Tuesday of the month. Then put it on your calendar and do it!
  • Don’t do it alone:  It’s a fact that if you set a goal and have someone holding you accountable, you are more likely to stick to it.  Let’s say you want to go on a walk every night after dinner. You know you are going to stick to it if you know that your neighbor is waiting for you in your driveway. If you are going at it alone, it’s easier to say..”ohh I’m tired tonight and my favorite show is on…..”
  • Time Management: Perhaps you picked a resolution that is starting to take more time that you thought. Instead of giving up, just break it up into more reasonable chunks. For example, I resolved to have my daughter’s bedroom and basement play area to not be such a disaster that I spend an hour every Saturday straightening it up! So, every night before her bedtime I take 5 minutes…her and I literally set a timer…and we pick up/straighten up…this teaches her how to clean up better after herself and also I don’t have to waste an hour or more of my weekend doing it!
  • Financial Burden: Maybe you thought you’d join a gym, or start taking classes on a subject you were always interested in, or pick up a hobby like gardening…but a couple months in you realize that it’s taking more money out of the budget that you thought. Don’t quit…just re-think it. Do you really need a gym to work out? NO….watch the movie Rocky. If you want to take classes, see if there are lower cost options through your community college, local library, or local merchant. New hobby, there a ton of  organizations to be found through your church, local community center, social media/networking that are made up of people that get together and participate in a  hobby that you may like too! They share the cost and learn from each other!
  • Last but not least…Don’t Stop Believing!  Of course I am a JOURNEY fan…but really, believe in yourself…don’t give up on Feb. 23rd because you don’t see the progress you THOUGHT you’d see or because you already cheated and ate that donut that a co-worker brought in…instead, pat yourself on the back for the little goals you have achieved. For example, I want to start getting at least 7 hrs a sleep a night instead of my usual 5 or 6.  Well, that’s been harder than I thought, so instead of getting mad at myself and just giving up, I decided to say…”Hey, you got 7 hrs a sleep 3 nights this week! That’s great!” Seee, focus on the positive, baby steps…then keep working towards that ultimate goal!!

So, here’s to sticking to those New Year’s Resolutions and never giving up on true love!!
DISCLAIMER: Delia is not a Doctor, Nutritionist, or Registered Dietitian. She is simply a person dedicated to eating healthy foods and living a healthy lifestyle. She loves to help and inspire others to do the same!

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