Friday, April 5, 2013

Why we are advanced

Changing our name to Advanced Bone and Joint was a careful decision on our part.  We had been St. Peters Bone and Joint for 25 years.  Why the change to Advanced Bone and Joint?  It revolves around the word advanced.  Advanced says something about our practice and our physicians.  Advanced shows that we are keeping up with changes in healthcare.  Read the news or surf the web: you know that healthcare is changing rapidly.  Some changes are good: better technology leads to better care and quicker return to life.  Other changes are not so good: some drugs made in certain pharmacies were contaminated with fungus and caused infections.  The idea behind Advanced is that you can trust us to keep up with these changes.  We will be advanced in our understanding of healthcare and the options available to you and your family.   We will do our best to make you better with an advanced understanding of the drugs, techniques, and treatments that work.  We will use this knowledge to avoid treatments that work less well, or that are not adequately tested.  We won't just be doing the same thing we've always done.  We'll stay on top of rapidly changing treatments to give you the best care:  that's advanced.  

-W. Anthony Frisella, MD

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