Tuesday, April 2, 2013

ABJ is ADVANCED because:

1) We’re building on more than 30 years of experience in our community.

2) We’re leaders in our medical community, serving in leadership positions for our local hospitals and surgery center.

3) We continually update our training to incorporate the newest, proven techniques.

4) We offer customized solutions to your bone or joint problem that focuses on your goals.

5) We think about your function first – not relying only on surgery to improve your life.

6) We offer multiple orthopedic specialty approaches including:  sports medicine, arthritis treatment, podiatry, pain management, and osteoporosis treatment.

7) We believe that teaching you is a primary part of our treatment plan.

8)  We offer on-site services including MRI and medical equipment (braces, boots, etc.), and nerve conduction studies.

9) We coordinate your care with the input of your primary care physician and other specialists.

10) We go the extra mile during your visit with us, providing courteous service and smiles throughout your clinic visit.

Dane Glueck, M.D.

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