Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Wellness Wednesday / "Delia's Dose"

Inspired by the Easter Holiday this weekend I want to talk about EGGS! This week we will be dying them, decorating them, hiding them, finding them, peeling them, and making egg salad with them! YUMMMY!!

The egg is a symbol of renewal and new growth… Springtime! Eggs symbolize fertility (shhhhh… if you listen very carefully you can hear my biological clock ticking). The egg, in ancient times, represented the entire universe…it was round like the world and symbolized all life.

So let’s talk about “THE INCREDIBLE EDIBLE EGG!” For only 70 calories each, you get a TON of vitamins and minerals!

*Remember last week’s blog about Vitamin D? An egg now contains 41 IU(international units) of it, that’s about 10 percent of your daily need.

*Eggs are high in protein, which helps you feel fuller longer, which contributes to maintaining a healthy weight. 1 egg has the same amount of protein as one ounce of meat.

*Egg yolks have 250 milligrams of choline, half of the daily recommended intake. Choline contributes to fetal brain development and also aids in adult brain function. It keeps our brain cells strong, which helps them relay all the messages to our nerves and muscles!

*Eggs have 2 amazing antioxidants, zeaxanthin and lutein, which helps prevent macular degeneration(that’s what causes age –related blindness)

*Eggs are rich in Vitamin B12 which helps us make new cells and aids in normal nervous system function.

Now, for a long time, we heard how you shouldn’t eat too many eggs because they are high in cholesterol. Yes, as foods go, the egg does have a lot, but only a small amount actually goes straight into your bloodstream and then into your arteries. Saturated fats and the ones artificially produced from partially hydrogenated oils have a much bigger effect on your cholesterol levels and eggs have none of those bad fats.

If you want to watch your cholesterol levels, use egg whites instead. I like to use one whole egg with the yolk and then 2 egg whites when I make my scrambles or omelets.

Here is one of my favorite EGG RECIPES!

*1 egg
*3 tbsp of milk
*1 or 2 dashes of Worcestershire
*1/4 tsp of dry mustard
*dash of pepper
*slice of bread(pulled apart into cubes)
*1/4 cup of cooked ham(some of that leftover Easter ham diced up would be delicious!)
OR I’ve used a cooked sausage link and diced that up too
*2 tbsp shredded cheddar cheese

Spray a coffee mug with nonstick spray or coat it with olive oil
In a small bowl whisk the egg until frothy. Add milk, Worcestershire, and spices, whisk some more
Stir in the bread and meat
Pour the mixture into the mug and cover with a large piece of wax paper(I’ve used parchment paper and even a paper towel!)
You have to tuck the paper under the mug and then cut a slit in the top of the paper
Microwave mug on medium-high for approx 4 minutes. Now, as you know all microwaves cook differently, so you may have to experiment with the time, but you want the egg to set.

I make a couple of these the night before(with assembly help from my 3 yr old) and its ready to cook the next morning! Throw it in the microwave while you put your make up on!

Have a healthy week!

DISCLAIMER: Delia is not a Doctor, Nutritionist, or Registered Dietitian. She is simply a person dedicated to eating healthy foods and living a healthy lifestyle. She loves to help and inspire others to do the same!

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